About Us

About Us

MDNaturalsRx was founded by Dr. William Yang and Dr. Dayan Gandhi, two board certified Nephrologists, who met while completing their training in Nephrology together at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. Following their fellowship, Dr. Yang and Dr. Gandhi started a private practice together, bonding over their common interest in mixing their clinical background with their passion for supporting the body with supplementation. Their goal in establishing MDNaturalsRx is to create natural prescriptions for a healthy lifestyle.

Both doctors also share a common interest in alternative and eastern medicine. Dr. Yang was exposed to natural remedies and holistic medicine from a young age, as his mother is a skilled acupuncturist and herbalist. Dr. Gandhi has studied the healing power of diet and has been exposed firsthand to the properties of ayurvedic medicine.

With this diverse background in medicine and healing, MDNaturalsRx’s mission is to source top quality vitamins, minerals, and herbs to create custom blends of evidence-based supplements that support wellness and enhance specific physiologic functions.


Our custom blends: 

High Potency Multivitamin

As physicians, we were unable to find a daily multivitamin that met our requirements. We wanted a daily supplement that would support a healthy immune system, cardiovascular system, and was full of antioxidants to support focus and energy production.

We sourced the best ingredients at the optimal doses to make a daily supplement that is unrivaled. It is favored by physicians, health care professionals and our patients alike.


Immune Support Formula

As physicians who care for patients with multiple chronic illnesses, we have seen firsthand how compromised immunity can interfere with healthy living. We also have experienced the everyday coughs and colds that everyone experiences from time to time. Our experience treating patients with COVID 19 provided a new focus on optimizing immune health.

Our immune support formula is our bestselling product and loved by health care professionals, families and patients alike. We reviewed all available studies and sourced ingredients at the right doses to get your immune system functioning optimally to kick a cold, fight an infection, and prevent illness from the millions of bacteria and viruses around you every day. No product on the market has this extensive of an ingredient list at these optimal doses.